Location and access

Address: Žale 10a, 1240 Kamnik
Ccoordinates: 46.228799, 14.598969.

The map above shows the road from the town of Kamnik (of the court or the Agricultural Cooperative Kamnik).
Attention! Some navigation systems (Google Maps for example) can suggest a slightly different way as it is suggested on upper map. Don't follow it, because it isn't suitable for personal cars.

We are located in the village of Žale near the center of Kamnik. Kamnik is an excellent base for excursions and visits to tourist spots in the area. At the same time it is close to Ljubljana and Brnik airport. Kamnik has good bus and rail connections to Ljubljana.

How to reach us from the center of Kamnik?

1. Car, bicycle, on foot
In Kamnik (in an agricultural cooperative, statue of Rudolf Maister) turn towards the cemetery and follow the road in the shade of trees to climb over the city and offers wonderful views. In the middle of the village Žale you will find our Inn.

2. Taxi
You could call the Taxi Alma at +386 41 686520. There are also Taxi Kamnik at +386 31 713421 or Taxi Laguna at +386 80 1233.

3. On foot
a) Under the Mali Grad (Little castle) turn on Šlakarjevo way and follow the road over a railway tunnel past the cemetery. The road will then go into forest and once you come out you are in the village of Zale. Continue along the paved road and gently hold the left. Approximately 20 minutes.
b) From the castle Zaprice past the granaries to the forest. Go straight up on the hill. At the top, the view opens to Kamnik. Continue along the ridge until you come deeper into the forest and stick to the right. From there on stay on the main road and you will come out right under our restaurant. (20 min)
c) From the center of past agricultural cooperatives and over railroad tracks on the pavement on the right side. Then at the crossroads go straight through the field to the hill to and then the village. When you reach the asphalt (in the first house), continue along the road to the inn. Approximately: 15-20 minutes.

4. Bus
Because of the narrow road access is possible only for minibuses. Parking minibus are available from the restaurant. Larger buses are to be left in the parking lot in the city center (in the Franciscan monastery) or the main bus station and proceed on foot according to the above options. Approximately: 15-20 minutes.


1. The Center Kamnik - 900 meters (20 minutes walking, few minutes by car).
2. Ljubljana (25 km), Brnik Airport (19 km), Kranj (25 km).
3. Ski resort Krvavec (15 km) Velika Planina (10 km) Terme Snovik (12 km), golf (6 km), Arboretum (6 km), Tunjice Natural Healing Grove (4 km), swimming pool ( 1.5 km), trim trail (0.5 km), forest paths (0.5 km) Lake (43 km), Logarska Dolina (47 km) ...

Parking space

Parking space at the restaurant is available for all guests.